Our principles


Sustainable development supports economic, social and environmental prosperity as it protects and respects nature based in solidarity and the search for a common well-being.

Social Cohesion

Built community and citizenship reach their greatest sense when carried out in a collective and collaborative manner towards well-being and common prosperity. Solidarity, equity, respect for dignity and diversity are the grounds for a cohesive society.

Governance & Citizenship

Multi-stakeholder social participation and interaction in public affairs activate the realization of human rights, enhancing governance through transparency, inclusion, equity and effectiveness of norms, regulations and public policies.

Equity & Diversity

Acknowledging cultural diversity implies committing to treat people in a just, impartial and un-judgmental manner. When empathizing with diversity, equal benefits are gained.

Knowledge & retrospective

When isolating knowledge from research, experience and observation of everyday life is a constitutive piece for keeping the traces of the human collective and the environment it inhabits.

Justice & Equality

Even if every person is equal to the law, only differentiated actions that part from acknowledging social, economic and political vulnerabilities from the different sectors of society, may allow reducing the inequalities among them and increase their access to justice.